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May 14,2019
20.27 MB
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“It’s free and it’s beautiful."
Walk into the sun rise forest of serenity and see the world in light of shades. This app features view of sunrise from behind the hills and along with the clouds that are moving softly. Calm yourself down with the soothing ambience of the day start as you will see the trees silhouette, birds flying, deer strolling in search of food by the grassy lands and rabbit jumping to see the sunrise. Bring calmness to your life with the Soothing Sun Rise.
*Sleep/ Meditate*
Visualization, or guided imagery, is an old technique that is used for meditation and relaxation. The technique basically requires to create images and sounds in your mind. This app just works perfect. It helps you visualize as if you are actually present in this dream land and creates a soothing effect in your mind. Custom color effects and brightness control is added to make it best suitable for your environment. To make it a perfect app for you, use background music pre-loaded in app to enjoy with the views