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May 16,2019
280.48 MB
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Explore the wonderful world of clean energy with this fun and educational smart city application! Explore each of three zones to learn about wind power, solar power, and geothermal energy. Use the navigation buttons to travel between city zones, or select the white teardrop markers in the city to travel to the zone of your choice! While you're learning, take a moment to marvel at the bustling city with cars and trucks driving around, airplanes flying, and ships sailing. Tell us in the comments below if you find anything particularly fascinating!

More things to try:

Click on the globe icon to explore a fully immersive, 3D data globe with data on world population and solar radiation.

Can you find the hidden solar calculator? In the solar zone, see if you can find the white teardrop marker that will open up a holographic solar panel. Use two hands or controllers to resize, orient, and place this solar panel to get a real-life calculations of how much money rooftop solar can save you!