Singuler helps you find and remove duplicate files from your device to gain more free space.

This is by far the most powerful duplicate remover in the Store. There are many features to help you find and remove duplicates quick and accurately.


- Quick Preview (size, date, path, thumbnail image, metadata, etc.)
- Selection Assistant
- Advanced Comparison Tools
- Advanced Filters
- Scanning Multiple Locations
- Reporting

Quick Preview
Quickly view details of duplicate files before deciding to remove them
- View path of each file
- View thumbnail image of each file
- View dimensions of each image
- View duration and bit-rate of each audio and video file

Selection Assistant
Use selection assistant to quickly select duplicates to remove
- Select larger or smaller files
- Select older or newer files
- Select files with longer or shorter names

Advanced Comparison Tools
Use different comparison methods to find duplicates
- Find duplicates with same name, similar names and/or same extension
- Find duplicates with same size, tolerance can be specified as well
- Find duplicates with same date/time or same date only, tolerance can be specified as well
- Find duplicates that are in the same folder or having the same folder name
- Find duplicates with same content, the hash algorithm to compare files can be specified as well

Advanced Filters
Filter result by their name, extension, size and modified date/time
- Filter by name or extension (Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos)
- Filter (include or exclude) by wildcard
- Filter by minimum and/or maximum size
- Filter zero size files
- Filter by minimum and/or maximum modified date

Scanning Multiple Locations
Search multiple locations together
- Select one or more library folders (Music, Pictures or Videos)
- Select other locations by browsing your device
- Select individual files
- Select from recently accessed folders

View full report of the removal process
- View summary
- View list of removed files