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May 20,2019
21.08 MB
x86, x64, ARM, ARM64
Aural Imbalance has put together this Sea State E.P. (Extended Play) for independent label Greta Cottage Workshop. Now, the label in conjunction with bring you the Windows Store App for this awesome E.P! You'll listen to this select group of house tracks, read about Aural Imbalance (the artist) and connect with us using the Links Menu to go on the web.

Aural Imbalance is back once again for his third GCW E.P. This collection is based around our little hometown life style.
T Club Dub is an old skool occupation, the Greta Crew used to converge on the Cottage for a night of gaming with projectors & plenty of beer. Now its all online, but you can still find us gripping controllers and getting picked on by teenagers.
Sea State was so called as it was on the headphones after Simon sent it as a demo and I was out on the push bike after a big storm. It suits dodging waves and tasting spray.
Thought Tanked is a remix that Shane Berry did for us, and ended up on Little White Earbuds as download of the week. Get it here in full high def glory (hit me up if you like WAV’s)

I’ll let Jamie give it the big one on descriptions now, I mean we all need winkles weird outlook!

T-Club Dub climbs continuously towards the peak of exultations until reaching the cloudy hilltop, declaring it's intent from the highest point with discerning rapture. Refraining from the constraints of a riotous storm mere noise, Simon captures the essence of all his chosen rhythms and melodies creating a smooth and seemingly effortless creation of dub righteousness. Not one for the daily mail readers.

Sea State immediately slides into recline mode with a shower of poised etiquette. A forced push of 4/4 flourishes take heed in bringing you, your feet and your mind aligned in exuberant effect. A restrained channeling of kinetic energy subdues the listener in revoking distant but strangely familiar memory of far away places.
This treads into classic AI territory. Get your Prog out sonny.

Think Tank (Shane Berrys Thought Tanked Version) lays down the foundation of eerie ambience from the get go and soon lurches into heavily refined dub exploration. Berry takes the ground work of AI's original and carefully considers his own relative fragments of creative input. His astute attention to the fundamental framework of this electronic composition proves Shane would never disappoint after being handed Simons bits on a disc. This one’s a Creeper.


Not just that whistling noise at dodgy gigs, or what happens when your phone is next to your stereo.

Track List

Sea State
T-Club Dub
Think Tank (Shane Berrys Thought Tanked Version)
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English (United States)