ScreenBeam Configurator (Win 8.1) screenshot 1 ScreenBeam Configurator (Win 8.1) screenshot 2 ScreenBeam Configurator (Win 8.1) screenshot 3 ScreenBeam Configurator (Win 8.1) screenshot 4 ScreenBeam Configurator (Win 8.1) screenshot 5
Supported Devices
May 21,2019
2.88 MB
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You have your ScreenBeam wireless display receiver and your windows tablet, but how do you optimize it for your needs? Meet the ScreenBeam Configurator for Windows 8.1. ScreenBeam Configurator is a fully featured utility for managing your ScreenBeam receivers. This app gives you full control over your receiver configuration and is designed to work with your Windows 8.1 laptops and tablets. With ScreenBeam Configurator, you can update your firmware, rename your receiver, optimize the screen size (overscan) and more.

Key features include:
1. Detect New Firmware
2. Wireless Firmware Updates
3. Set Default Language
4. Set Receiver Name
5. Manage HDMI Port Output
6. Set Screensaver
7. Enable CEC One Touch
8. Enable/Disable USB Port
9. Setup UIBC/UOIP Access

ScreenBeam Configurator gives you flexibility and control over your ScreenBeam receiver. Download it and personalize your receiver today.

Receiver Compatibility:
1. ScreenBeam Pro
2. ScreenBeam Mini2
3. ScreenBeam Mini2 Continuum Edition

Device Compatibility:
1. Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Tablets
2. Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Laptops