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May 20,2019
1.52 MB
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Sapphire is the first fully featured and most beautifully designed Tumblr application for Windows Phone.

If you've just about had it with other incomplete or feature-lacking apps, give Sapphire a try.

Sapphire features your Tumblr activity feed for you to view your most recent blog interactions and notifications to alert you when someone reblogs, likes, follows and even comments on your posts. Now what other app does that?

- Activity and notifications!
- More than one account? Got support for it.
- Multiple blogs? Yup, switch between them in two clicks.
- Ability to like, reblog, and create posts.
- Viewing posts, tags, likes.
- Search for tags and even blogs.
- View your followers and the blogs that are following you.
- View your inbox and post from your queue or drafts.
- Ability to watch videos!
- and more...

..but wait! You can now purchase an upgrade to the app and receive even more features!
* No Advertisements.
* Ability to add posts to drafts/queue
* Ability to save blogs to list of favorites for quick access.
* Access to a blogs likes page.
* Reblog to other blogs without switching.

Sapphire is always being updated so don't hesitate to quickly give the app a review and your feedback will definitely be heard!

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