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Dec 22,2018
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x86, x64, ARM, ARM64
Recommended System Requirements: 1080 x 1920 pixel screen
Not for Surface Tablets (set to 768 x 1366 screen resolution)

S T A R F L E E T 2 0 1 4 ™
StarFleet Battle Simulator Constitution Class
StarFleet 2014 is a computer-simulated battle based via computer terminal, you can clash with enemy Klingon battlecruisers D7 Class and use the same strategies that captain James T Kirk used. You control a Federation vessel similar to the Enterprise; a computer program directs the enemy.

All distances are measured in megameters, one million meters (abbreviated `M'). Speed is expressed in `Warp Factors'. Each warp factor equals 100M per second. All angles are expressed in common degrees from zero to 360, measured clockwise from the x-axis, similar to reading a protractor. Only two dimensions are used. Play is as follows:

1. You issue one of a number of commands ( fire phasers, change course, launch antimatter pods, surrender, etc.) by selecting the appropriate command;
2. The enemy, under programmed instructions, issues a similar command;
3. Both your commands are executed ( phasers are fired, probes are launched, damages are assessed, courses changed, etc.) while the vessels move through space;
4. Unless certain end-game conditions are met: you destroy the enemy, the enemy destroys you, you out-maneuver the enemy, you both destroy each other; the above steps are repeated.

The following is a list of codes which can be used while in the command mode aboard your ship:
CODE COMMAND ===========

Detailed Descriptions of Each Command

What follows is a detailed description of each command. Each command is referred to by an Alphanumeric Code. After selection of the command is given, a synopsis of arguments the command requires is prompted for, if any. These arguments can be entered using the command console, numeric keypad or enemy ship icon console.

F /PH FIRE PHASERS [Phasers | ALL] [Spread] Phasers are pure energy units which emit a beam similar to lasers, but of a pulsating nature which can be ‘phased' to interfere with the wave pattern of any molecular form. Phasers get their power from phaser banks, which in turn, derive their power from the ship's engines. Each phaser bank is capable of holding a charge of 10 units. When firing, these banks discharge, similar to batteries, to spread their destructive power through space. After discharging, these banks are then recharged by the engines. Each phaser can be set to automatically track a target or can be manually rotated. The Captain also designates a wide or narrow phaser beam: a wide beam to disrupt many targets; a narrow beam to inflict maximum damage on a single target. To fire phaser 1 press '1' 'Enter'; phasers 1,3, and 4 press '134' 'Enter'; all phasers press 'ALL'. The maximum spread of phasers is 45 degrees, the minimum is 5 degrees. The total beam width is twice the designated spread. The maximum charging percentage of each bank is preset to 100. The bank fully discharges when firing. The maximum range of phasers is 1000M; the maximum hit factor is 45 with a ten degree spread, 10 with a forty-five degree spread. Phaser hit factors are calculated by the following formula: hit = (bankunits)(firing%)sqrt(1-range/1000)(45/spread) Phasers fire in 0.125 second intervals starting with bank one. Phasers inflict heavy damage and casualties, but do not destroy shields as much as antimatter explosions do. A phaser is unable to fire if damaged, or if completely discharged.
[MANUAL TARGETING] Manual Targeting option manually aims and fires 1-4 phasers. Enter a [0-360] degree parameter to select firing direction, then select phasers.

F /PTRP FIRE PHOTON TORPEDOS [Tubes | ALL] The Constitution class ship is equipped with six torpedo tubes, which, as phasers, can be set to automatically track a target. Each tube fires all its' antimatter pods, which are temporarily held suspended in a magno-photon force field. Photon torpedos can be fired directly at an enemy, laid out as a mine field, or scattered in an attacker's path as depth charges. Tubes must be loaded (code L/NTRPT) prior to firing. Normally, torpedos are launched at warp 12 in 0.125 second intervals, beginning with tube one. Photon torpedos have a preset proximity fuse of 200M and can be manually set to [10-500]. Torpedos must be launched with care since the antimatter pods which are fired can not be recovered without redocking. It is suggested that you not fire more than four torpedos at any one time, since a certain number of them do miss, are destroyed by nearby explosion radii and enemy firing phasers at them. It is also suggested that you fire them at distant targets, beyond 1100M, to avoid the explosion radii of your own weapons. Hit factors resulting from antimatter explosions are calculated as follows: hit = 5(#podscontained)sqrt(1-range/(50(#podscontained))) The maximum hit factor of an antimatter device is five times the number of pods contained (in the case of torpedos, preset at 10 pods each, 50); its explosion radius is 50 times the number of pods contained (in the case of torpedos, 500M). Antimatter explosions heavily weaken shields but do not damage equipment as much as phasers do. This formula also applies to vessels, engineering sections, and antimatter probe explosions. Tubes are unable to fire if damaged, or if unloaded.

L-PH LOCK PHASERS [Phasers | ALL] [Target Name] Phasers locked on an enemy vessel will automatically aim towards it. Once a phaser is locked, it is not disengaged until the target is destroyed (in which case it is then rotated to zero degrees relative), relocked, manually overridden, or damaged. To select the ship to lock onto use Enemy Ship Console icons. To manually overide locked phasers: select FIRE PHASERS (F /PH), Manual Targeting and aim. Target aiming is relative to your course.

L-TRPT LOCK TORPEDO TUBES [Tubes | ALL] [Target Name] Tubes lock and unlock in the same manner that phasers do.

LAP LAUNCH ANTIMATTER PROBES [Pods] [Time] [Proximity] [Target | [ Course]] Probes are slow-moving devices equipped with internal guidance systems which allow them to chase an enemy vessel. Probes consist of at least ten antimatter pods which are launched from an undamaged probe launcher at warp three. As with torpedos, probes are set with time and proximity fuses, and use the same hit factor formula as do torpedos.

APC ANTIMATTER PROBE CNTRL [y | [n [Probe] [y | [n [Target | [ Course]]]]]] Probe control allows you to detonate or redirect probes which may have missed.

RSH RAISE SHIELDS Raises shields to their preset maximum charging level.


L/NTRPT LOAD UNLOAD TORP TUBES [l | u] [Tubes | ALL] Each specified torpedo tube is automatically loaded with (preset) 10 antimatter units. Tubes can also be unloaded, transferring antimatter pods to engineering.

HLM HELM-COURSE SPEED [Course] [Warp Factor] This order maintains a fixed course and speed. Your maximum rotation rate when turning is: degrees per sec = 5 * (11 - current warp speed) Accordingly, you can turn 55 degrees at warp one, 50 at warp two, and so on down to 10 degrees at warp nine. In other words, the faster your speed, the less maneuverable you are. You are also less maneuverable if your warp drive is damaged or destroyed. Your maximum speed is warp nine, the enemy's is warp eleven.

TP SET TORPEDO PARAM [Antimatter Capacity] [Proximity Fuse] This option allows you to change the launch speeds, time and proximity delays of all torpedos. At the beginning of play, torpedos are preset at 10 antimatter pod capacity with 200M proximity fuses. Any vessel or engineering section which comes within the proximity range will cause the torpedo to explode.

PW POWER DISTRIBUTION [Shield Max Chrg] [Phaser Bank Max] Dilithium crystals produce energy much like generators. This power is then used to maintain warp speeds, recharge antimatter pods in the engine reserve, recharge phaser banks, or maintain shield power. Your initial regeneration is ten, however, the shields normally drain four units and the engines require one unit per each warp-second. Shields can be thought of as electromagnets. The more energy put into them, the stronger their force field becomes. Therefore, a shield's overall percentage is calculated by the following formula: shield percentage = (energy in)(effective %) Notice that dropping power to a shield has the same effect as having it hit. Notice also that if your regeneration drops below four, you may have to discharge your phaser banks to maintain full shield power. Phaser banks, similar to batteries, not only discharge (when firing), but also recharge. Initially, they are set to recharge fully in one second (+10) so that you can continually use them. However, they can discharge fully (-10) in one second to provide extra power to shields, warp engines, or engine reserve. Under most conditions, you need not concern yourself with power distribution unless some special need arises. Distribution, for the most part, is automatic. REGENERATION is calculated first; that power is placed in reserve, along with any discharged phaser units. Shield drain is calculated next, then phaser, warp drive, and impulse engine drains. EFFICIENCY indicates the energy multiplier required to maintain warp drive and impulse engines. Be concerned with wasting power by indiscriminately firing phasers and torpedos, maintaining speeds over warp three, or dumping scores of units onto antimatter probes. Huge power losses cannot be made up in battle.
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