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May 17,2019
16.38 MB
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The app has primarily two sections :

A) The generic section which all registered users of cefpro website will be able to access.

1. Static Event information – event description, agenda, register for event ( all opening up in a separate in app browser ).
2. Speakers – dedicated speaker section in native app.
3. Sponsors – Dedicated generic sponsor section just like website in native app.
4. Push Notifications – admins can send generic notifications to all users who have downloaded the app via their admin dashboard.
5. Risk Insights – Native as well as in app browser for reading articles in app as well as the ability to download them as pdf.
6. My profile – all users will be able to see and modify their registration details in app.
7. Invoices – all registered event users will be able to see and download their invoices in the app itself.
8. Contact us – App Users will be able to connect with cefpro from app itself.

B) At Event section : basis on their event registration on cefpro website the event attendees can access.

1. All above mentioned sections
2. Exclusive content – this will be the sponsor specific section controlled from admin panel, any sponsor can show event exclusive info like presentation, offers, documents, images etc.
3. Event Notification – Admin users at cefpro can send event specific notifications which will only be visible to people registered for that event only, can be used during the event to inform people of their room information, any contest information or any other communication.
4. Ask Questions – Registered event users can ask the question directly from the app itself from speakers pending approval from admin at cefpro and it will be visible on projector for speaker’s convenience.
5. Poll – Admin cefpro users can conduct polls during the event ( can ask people to rate things, multiple choice questions or descriptive question for gather feedback )
6. Partners – Event specific sponsors or partners can be displayed in this section and any info like their logo along with what they do can be easily maintained by admin cefpro users.
7. Presentations – event specific presentations can be downloaded or viewed in this section by event attendees.