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May 13,2019
2.81 MB
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If you find soothing music a stress reliever or listen to music during everyday activities, Relaxing Music and Sounds is for you. Relax and enjoy soothing sounds of Relaxing Music and Sounds.

Do you feel stressed? You need some time for yourself? Do you want to relax, seize the day and enjoy life?Relaxing Music and Sounds is free meditation music for people who are tired, tense and need a break from a hard day at work. Relaxing Music and Sounds offers calming sounds that is also very suitable for people who do yoga, meditate or like to fall asleep while listening to the peaceful music.

Just imagine... close your eyes and let soothing sounds help you relax. Take your time and enjoy peaceful music that will ease your mind and body. If you have ever experienced stress-related problems (insomnia, depression, anxiety etc.) using this best meditation music as a technique for relaxation can be useful. Soothing music and relaxing sounds will help your body release the tension, your brain to concentrate and make you feel great again.

Relaxing meditation music has a nice design, it is easy to use and it will be very helpful if you don’t have much time for yourself. You can listen to free relaxation music while working, driving, studying or in any other situation you might need a stress reliever. Use it for yoga, meditation and even while falling asleep. Allow yourself a break from everyday life, try Relaxing Music and Sounds, listen to music for free and increase the quality of your life.

Relaxing Music and Sounds can be your soothing assistant throughout the day. Create yourself an ambiance with mind relaxing music that will bring out the best of you. Relaxing Music and Sounds as an anti-stress technique will improve your general well-being, sleep, mood and will enrich your everyday activities. And remember – no stress!

Relaxing Music and Sounds - Features:
- Simple user-friendly interface design
- Add songs to favorites
- Repeat option for one song or the whole play-list
- Shuffle option to play random songs
- Sleep timer


Sounds used in Relaxing Music and Sounds are under Public Domain or Creative Commons license, credited in the app, where appropriate.