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May 17,2019
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The RedFlag Service is a full featured outbound notification system that enables the simultaneous distribution of Emergency and Informational messages to pre-selected contact groups via cell phone, landline, text, email, social media and more. The RedFlag Service facilitates the dissemination of messages via such communications platforms within the Contiguous United States and Hawaii.

The RedFlag Service is easy-to-use and enables organizations to save time and increase communication effectiveness. Clients receive tools, training and access to industry knowledge to help streamline the setup and efficiently use the system’s features.

The RedFlag Service is a product of Pocketstop, who is a Microsoft Managed Partner company. This provides the RedFlag Service with access to architectural, technical, marketing and business development resources that other EMNS companies don't have. The RedFlag Service runs on Microsoft's cloud computing platform known as Windows Azure, ensuring uninterrupted service while providing access to unlimited bandwidth, storage and compute hours. By selecting the RedFlag Service, you can be rest assured your service is running on the industry’s leading hosting platform, managed by Microsoft and supported by RedFlag.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The RedFlag Nofication System App will not operate without the necessary subscription. Learn more about RedFlag and how to sign up at

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