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May 20,2019
5.58 MB
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Promegle is the best client for the Omegle which is a great way of meeting new friends. It is a one-on-one chat with a randomly picked stranger. Chats are completely anonymous, and you can disconnect whenever you like, although there is also nothing to stop you from revealing personal details if you choose to. On the other hand, you can create your profile and be matched with users of specific age, gender and location. With the new multi-chat feature you can chat with multiple strangers at once! There are plenty of awesome modes where you can spy strangers, join a discussion, intercept their communication and meddle with them!

★Fully-featured Omegle client
Promegle is all you need to chat with strangers on Omegle. Be anonymous (or not :) when you wish) and make great conversations happen!

★User Profiles
Create your profile and find perfectly matched strangers by age, gender, location and common likes.

★Extra Modes
Chat with people all around the world using Country Chat or even intercept strangers communication in the Intercept mode!

★Picture Sharing
Send your chat partner pictures like you do on Snapchat - they will be deleted in seconds!

★Unlimited Customization
Personalize your experience with ton of settings and unique features like Hotkeys, Welcome Messages and Text Effects.

★Platform Features
A beautiful Live Tile will notify you about unread messages, so do the Push Notifications.

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