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Dec 22,2018
18.78 MB
ARM, x64, x86
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Pomodoro Timer UWP gives you the power to be productive like never before!

In the past, working on tasks was quite difficult. It was really easy to get distracted, sometimes even expensive if you hired your own office. It was hard to get the right balance between your work and personal time.

However, Pomodoro Timer is here to make completing tasks easy with features like:
• Work, Break and Long Break Timers - You perform you chunks where you have full focus and periods of rest in between and a long one after 4 work sessions. This way, you can be productive while still having time for personal activities.
• Background Timer Support – You don’t have to keep the app open for the timer to continue running. Now you have one less app to worry about when switching between programs on your computer.
• Interactive Notifications – Control the timer without ever happening to open the app. You can change settings while timer is running in the action centre and even start your next session when the timer ends.
• Simple, intuitive design – To allow you to start working fast.
• Beautiful, sleek, minimalist dark and light themes - This is based on your settings, so you can use the app in your preferred colour right away!

With Pomodoro Timer UWP you’ll get more work done in focused sessions, avoid distractions and finally be able to balance your work with your personal time.

Start using the app today for a more productive YOU!
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English (United States)