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May 19,2019
39.8 MB
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Police vs zombie dogs comes with an amazing story. The doom day has started in a beautiful fantasy world. Infected dogs have spread all over the village. Innocent people are hidden inside their home in a village. Some people are already infected by these brutal dogs. The vaccine has arrived but this vaccine is at a certain distance from the village. They helping party tried but could not get closer to bring the vaccine. One cop officer has survived. In Police vs zombie dogs, player has to go out in the village, shooting infected dogs on the way toward the vaccine in order to bring it. Player is equipped with M16A4 rifle.

Police vs zombie dogs Level 1 is comparatively easy. The infected dogs attacks the player from all directions. Shoot them, survive, and bring back the vaccine. End this doom day.

Police vs zombie dogs Level 2 is harder. The first vaccine player brought in level 1 has been finished by curing the infected people. The second vaccine placed farther than the vaccine in level one and the infected dogs more active and alert in order to haunt the player and kill him.

Be careful in Police vs zombie dogs. Go out in the village after the vaccine with you M16A4 rifle, survive and end this doom day. The innocent people are waiting for you to reach back.

Coolest features of Police vs zombie dogs include:
Doom day and war theme having infected dogs
M16A4 rifle for shooting

Fantasy environment with infected dogs
Radar and zooming system for enemy detection
Swipe controls for player movement and aiming
Action background music and sound effects

How to play Police vs zombie dogs:
Use touch controls to move and aim
Use button to shoot and zoom