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Supported Devices
Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Feb 14,2016
1.61 MB
Release Date
Best diary app.
This diary app is like your page diary but have some advance features like life graph, speech recognition etc. so you can say it as your digital diary.
This app redefines the concept of diary keeping. Apart from regular features like graphic smileys, password protection, its unique features are:
This app will remind you daily at night to write diary.
Never bother to hit save button, at the end of day app saves automatically
With the help of life’s graph feature, you can have a tap on your life and see how it’s going.
Now for writing, you can also use speak button that will convert your speech to text.
Also for reading, you can use read button and can listen to any memory anytime.
You can filter your favorite days.
Don’t worry about losing your memories, keep your memories on SkyDrive forever.
Feedback option is there if you have any feature request leave them there we will make next version according to your requirements.
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