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Supported Devices
May 14,2019
8.14 MB
Release Date
v1.1 New Update
fix some bugs
-the alarm stops, when you enter your secret password and navigate to Main Menu
-At the "Pocket" option, the alarm will stop only if you enter your secret password,otherwise the alarm loops again and again

PanicBar is an application that will protect your mobile phone from being stolen.
The application has two options: The first option is TABLE: while you are in a bar
or at a crowded place and want to let your phone on a bar or on a table choose this
option and if someone try to steal it, the phone will alarm you with a panic sound!
The second option is POCKET. Here you have 5 seconds to put your phone in your pocket or in your bag. After those 5 seconds if someone try to steal it, the phone will alarm again with an alarm sound!

Important: At the first time you lunch the application, you will navigate to setup a password.

1)You can change the password any time you want.
2)View explain messages during running the application (you can deactivate these messages)
3)Setup the sensitivity to high, medium or low
4)You can choose from a list of alarms, an alarm sound of your choice

If you go to setting Menu, you will be asked if you want the application to run under lock screen. You should choose Yes(recommended) so that the application run until you give the password.

No more stealing mobiles!
Enjoy the app!

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