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Supported Devices
May 14,2019
44.17 MB
Release Date
We're not all blessed with huge amount of money to drive away the best cars on the planet, but Off-Road Luxury Car game provide you the opportunity to drive the best luxury car on earth without leaving your house. We present the best-looking knuckled tilt controlled Luxury car game that is completely free on store. It is a fun game to play, using accelerometer steering controls to drive on different tracks i.e. high mountainous, with in mountains and in the forest by exploring different levels of the game.

Off-Road Luxury car game hold all pretensions of realism and provides an over-the-top, high-octane game with all the fixings. Players can work their way through the single player mode, and unlock new rides. The incredibly polished graphics and outstanding soundtracks make Off-Road Luxury Car game an adrenaline trip you won’t forget soon. The track is absolutely huge, beautifully crafted, pushing current generation smartphones to the limits. In this game player need not to worry about steering, all you have to do is perfectly time your phone tilt.
How to Play:

For Window Phone / Window Tablet:-
*** Off-road luxury car game is a challenging racing game with incredible graphics
*** A pumping alt-rock soundtrack and loads of tracks to unlock.
*** Tough to master but insanely rewarding.
*** Takes some practice to fully master the tilt based controls.
*** You control the car by accelerometer, meaning you tilt the phone, and this gives you some pretty impressive shots across the track too. The tracks and cars have a huge level of detail and look very cool indeed.

For Window Pc:-
*** Use Arrow Keys to control Luxury Car.
*** Use Space Key to Apply Brake.