Supported Devices
Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile
Nov 14,2016
3.3 MB
x86, x64, ARM
csvAnalytics is a data analytics utility for interpreting log files recorded from various OBDdash apps. Unlike other editions of OBDdash, this app does not connect to your vehicle. It aims to provide a simple way to visualize and help understand the captured ECU performance data.

Swipe left/right to navigate between screens, drag the playback position bar to replay OBD session

Please note we do not recommend running this app on device with screen size smaller than 4.7".

To create log files from OBDdash.Pro

- Connect to the vehicle,

- Open gauge screen and specify the sensors you wanted to record

- Tap the 'Record Sensor data' button at the bottom of the gauge screen to start recording

- Once finished, open 'connection/home' screen, export the data to a csv file

To create log file from OBDdash.sports gauge:

- Connect app to vehicle,

- Open gauge screen to specify sensors you wanted to record

- Return to home and open the logger page

- turn on logging

- return to the gauge screen to start collect data

- Once finish, return to the logger page and export the recorded data to a csv file.

Please note the map and location related data will only be available if OBDdash apps are permitted to use your location services, and you have valid GPS fix. Location data from other source such as wifi and IP are ignored.
Automatic relate data by its location and time stamp
OBD sessions playback
Various 2 and 3 dimensional charts such as colored scatter plots, line charts, histograms
Supported Languages
English (United States)

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