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May 16,2019
14.26 MB
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Ninja Killer: Zombies Run is a 3D side- scroller running game. It is an adventurous Ninja game with beautiful environment. One Ninja, one sword and lots of zombies. Defend yourself by killing the coming zombies using the sword at right time and clear up all the blocking zombies, travel as long as by avoiding the obstacles. Collect the coins to upgrade your character. You have choice of choosing the Ninja character Earth, Fire, Water, Sky Ninja.
"Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay it's price." – quote by Sun Tzu (Art Of War)

Four different Ninjas Earth Ninja, Fire Ninja, Water Ninja, Sky Ninja)
Various powers like Magnet, Multiplier, Shield
Upgrade the powers using coins through upgrade section
Collect coins to upgrade the character and tools
Smooth gameplay