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May 20,2019
24.36 MB
Release Date
Editor's Review
Added support of reveal highlight in main menu for Full Creators Update.Small improvements under the hood including bug fixes and performance improvements
Newsflow brings all news of your favorite websites in one place, so you don't have to spend time on web browsing any more, you'll always be in touch with the latest news and articles from around the world.

Newsflow app downloads news from RSS feeds directly to your device and stores them locally, so you'll be able to read them at any time whenever you want. Application features friendly and informative user interface, first app'll help you to find newswires on your favorite websites or globally - with keywords and then will start collecting news.

You'll be able to:

• receive notifications about new news
• share news with your friends
• browse news grouped by keywords
• pin live tiles, with the latest news for the main news as well as for categories, feeds, authors and tags
• change portrait or landscape orientations
• view article images
• add news that you like to the favorites
• add news to the list of deferred reading
• organize your feeds into categories
• read articles using extended readability without any need to open them in the web browser
• watch YouTube and HTML videos inside app
• play GIF animations
• search for a particular news
• manage read and unread news in a suitable way
• a lot more cool things

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