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Jun 29,2018
25.64 MB
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The future is present, "writing" diaries is past.

Record your diary entries as video and let your computer make the work of writing your diaries text with automatic speech recognition. This app automatically writes your spoken word as text for your diary entries.

And that's not all. You can even add an unlimited number of photos to your diary entries.

You can use the app with a Star Trek inspired theme or if you are not a Trekkie you can use it with a neutral theme, if you prefer.

If you know Star Trek, you probably know the Captain's Log. This is my interpretation of the Captain's Log for Windows 10, a diary of the future that has become the present.

my Log is your Log.

Further awesome features and themes are already planed.

Enjoy and live long and prosper :)
Video recording, speech recognition

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