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May 21,2019
21.42 MB
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Musicloud let you enjoy the music anytime & anywhere without registration!

What makes Musicloud different from other music apps? It lets you play the music you choose for free without songs selected by apps or sound ads between songs. Skip to next song without limitation. The music app is under your control. Buy Pro to remove ads banner, DOWNLOAD music and more exclusive features upcoming in future.

Providing you an unrestraint world of music.

- Search any track, singer you are interested in and play songs for free
- View albums from artist and play them
- Get the top tracks and artists recently, and play them online
- Shuffle, loop playlist: The best way to enjoy our favorite songs is to repeat again and again
- Great and easy to use User Interface with blazing fast immersive experience in listening music
- Download the music

Musicloud does not store or distribute any music tracks. But to provide the access to browse and listen to the audio parts of the videos, hosted by Youtube.

All content and information is provided by Youtube.