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Supported Devices
Windows 10,Windows Mobile
May 24,2018
2.98 GB
Making your own music is easy with the Music Maker Plus Edition. Whether it's powerful trap, intense techno or tough hip hop beats, producing music at your computer with just your mouse, keyboard and fingers has never been easier! You can arrange 5,000 sounds & loops for dubstep, hip hop, techno, deep house, jazz and pop rock simply by dragging & dropping. Not only is this fun but your songs will also sound like they were made by a pro. There are even many useful aids to help you and find new inspiration along the way.

Music editing has never been easier:

Get into the rhythm by laying out the starting point for your songs with different loops from various genres like hip hop or dubstep – most sounds come in 7 different pitches. Or simply click together your own grooves in the music software using virtual drum machines. You can add extra loops per drag & drop. All melodies, basses and drums can be combined with each other and will automatically be matched to the tempo of your song. The integrated MIDI editor and possibility to load your own recordings into the Audio Editor, allows you to completely create your own original sound.

Music Maker is full of ideas and inspiration for your music and is surprisingly professional. In addition to supporting studio-quality sound effects, Music Maker also supports the latest VST3 standard and underlying interfaces so you can quickly and easily integrate other instruments or plug-ins into the music editing program.

Create your own music with virtual instruments:

Revolta 2: This outstanding synthesizer will propel you right into the charts. For strong basses, classic EDM synths and completely new sounds.

Pop Drums: This software instruments lets you see and hear the effects of individual controls on the instrument's sound. The ideal base for electronic music, calm chillout songs and relaxed hip-hop beats.

Concert Grand, an elegant classic: The sound of one of the world's most popular concert pianos has been sampled to create this virtual piano.

Drum Engine: Bright, clear-cut drum sounds for electronic beat productions provide a powerful backing for your own tracks.

Additional instruments:
DN-e1 synthesizer, virtual Drum Machine and the Vita 2 Sample Player.
99 tracks for big and small projects
5,000 sounds & loops – in 7 pitches
6 soundpools from different genres
7 virtual software instruments (synthesizer, drum engine and more)
Drag & drop music production
Recording studio: instruments, vocals and rap recordings
Music editing with sound effects (e.g. Chorus, WahWah, Echo) and with the MIDI editor
Vandal SE Virtual guitar amplifier for legendary sound recordings
App control with MAGIX Audio Remote
VST3 support: Integrate external plug-ins and instruments into the program
Supported Languages
English(United States)