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Supported Devices
May 20,2019
31.61 MB
Release Date
Say hello to MSPoweruser's new Windows 10 app for PCs and Mobile devices! Get the latest Microsoft news, rumors, reviews, and more on your Windows 10 device with our new app.

The app features a beautiful user interface inspired by Fluent Design, designed to offer the best experience on a Windows 10 PC or a Mobile device. In addition to the beautiful design, the app also supports some of the latest Windows 10 features: push notifications, chaseable live tiles and more:

- Universal Windows Platform -- supports Continuum, and available for PCs and Mobile (coming soon to other Windows 10 devices)
- A beautiful user interface -- switch between a dark or a light theme.
- Push Notifications for the latest articles
- Hero Image support for Push Notifications
- Live Tiles -- keeps you updated with the latest news right on your Start Screen
- Support for Jumplists -- lets you easily access all of the sections of the app on your Windows 10 PCs
- Built-in support for YouTube videos
- Built-in support for comments

We have more features planned for the future, and it'll get a lot better with the upcoming updates.

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