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May 21,2019
39.33 MB
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MindMaple Pen is a creative mind-mapping app for Surface or similar devices. With a digital pen and touch screen, you can easily write down your thoughts and draw mind maps anytime and anywhere. This app will help you organize information, visualize your ideas in business meetings and provide organized information to your clients. MindMaple Pen will help capture ideas at work and boost creativity in your daily life.

** To get these features and more, please turn to MindMaple Classic at www.mindmaple.com/classic.

The first step in creating a document.
MindMaple Pen helps export the mind maps that you’ve been working on to a wide range of documents like PPT, Word, and Excel. The mind maps drawn on MMP can be the first step in the creation of a broad variety of documents.

If you have any suggestion or bug to report, please contact us at [email protected]

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