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Supported Devices
May 20,2019
52.8 MB
Release Date
Media Player S - productive media player for your Windows device!
High-quality and stunning playback with perfect audio settings for 200 supported media codecs, files from DVD's, CD's, Blu-ray discs.

Moreover, if your media library includes files in popular HEVC codec, you can also play it in high-quality via Media Player S.

PLEASE NOTE: Media Player S does not play commercial discs. The application plays DVDs and CDs, only if you select files from the disc to watch them.

You get plenty of features among them are playlists management, subtitles adjustments, radio playback, online TV support, access to SoundCloud and YouTube services and much more.

The main part of the features is absolutely free:
- Playback of some video formats.
- Listening to the radio.
- Playback of YouTube content.
- Listening to SoundCloud.
- Watching TV-Channels.
- Playlists management.
- Loudness amplifier up to 200%.
- Using subtitles.
- Search for SoundCloud and YouTube content.

There are also paid features in the app, some of them work in trial mode. The trial mode limits a playback of some video formats by laying on them a watermark. A user still has an ability to play such video formats for an unlimited time with a watermark on.

Enjoy all your music & video content! Install Media Player S now!

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