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May 19,2019
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MBeans, the app that helps you remember

* MBeans : Memory beans.
MBeans is the application that allows you to write events directly on the calendar of your contacts.

* How does MBeans work ?
Send an MBean (memory bean) to your contacts ... if they confirm the notification ... the event will be saved directly in their calendar ... and so it will be unforgettable!
The first year is FREE (Price of the service after the first year: 1.99 €/year).
PROMOTION - If you buy it within 4 months from the installation, you will pay 0.99 €/year forever.

* When using MBeans ?
some examples ...
@ Friends
- To share and remember: a party, a dinner, a trip, a concert, a match.
- To remind the club members of the events.
@ Family
- To remind your husband to pick up your son at school... and also to do the shopping ;-)
- To remind your wife of the football match.
- To remind your mum of the dance recital.
- To remind your brother of your parents' anniversary.
@ Work
- To remember a meeting with customers.
- To remind your patients of a visit.
- To share a deadline with colleagues.
@ Appointments
- To share and make an appointment with the dentist, lawyer, architect, mechanic, beautician, hairdresser, florist, restaurant ... or whoever you want!
@ Dangerous or difficult situations
When you are driving, when you're busy ... you can always say ... "Ok dear friend, please send me an MBean"

* Why using MBeans ?
- Everything works just with the phone number ... so in an immediate and natural way.
- Your privacy is safe, because you don't need to share friends, calendars or e-mails with other people.
- Your privacy is guaranteed, your number can also be hidden to some contacts.
- To add events becomes easy and instantaneous.
- It allows you to save time.
- It avoids any unpleasant forgetfulness.
- Events are active even without an internet connection.
- It's independent from the calendar app you use.

* Language
Italian , English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Swedish , Danish, Norwegian.

* Feedback
We are always happy to receive your feedback to [email protected]

* Roaming
During roaming, you may incur additional costs from your telephone service provider. Contact your service provider for more information.

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