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Maths PRO Year 6

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May 15,2019
34.45 MB
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The Year 6 Maths PRO App is the fourth app in the 11+ app series of carefully crafted tests which take pupils step by step from Year 3 to the 11+ exams.

The complete series is :

Year 3 Maths PRO
Year 4 Maths PRO
Year 5 Maths PRO
Year 6 Maths PRO
11+ Maths PRO

Unlike any other product in the market place Maths PRO features a Question Engine which creates unlimited questions to help your child prepare for each step towards the 11+ exams.

What this means is that your child can answer questions on a subtopic and retake the same subtopic and be given a different set of questions. Not the same questions in a different order but a different set of questions. There is no limit to how many tests your child can take.

The Year 6 Maths PRO App covers 8 topics that include 41 subtopics which cover the Year 6 syllabus in the UK.

Each subtopic has 10 questions which make up a test.
At the end of the test the child is rewarded with an award.
A diamond for 100%
A gold star for 90 to 100%
A silver star for 70 to 90%
A bronze star for 50 to 70%
A red star for less than 50%

Up to 10 awards per subtopic can be displayed. This enables the parent to see easily how their child is performing. This also motivates the child to want to get higher awards and better marks.

There are 41 subtopics categorized as follows:


1. Write
2. Counting in Powers of 10
3. Place Value
4. Rounding
5. Compare
6. Square and Cube


7. Addition
8. Subtraction
9. Multiplication
10. Division
11. Solve Problems


12. Simplify
13. Addition
14. Subtraction
15. Multiplication
16. Division
17. Convert
18. Solve Problems


19. Addition
20. Subtraction
21. Division
22. Multiplication
23. Rounding
24. Percentages
25. Convert
26. Solve Problems


27. Length Mass and Volume
28. Area and Perimeter
29. Time
30. Money
31. Solve Problems


32. Nets
33. 3D – Shape Properties
34. Coordinates
35. Reflection


36. Charts
37. Mean
38. Ratios


39. Formula
40. Missing Numbers
41. Sequences


On the completion of each test the user is given a summary of questions answered correctly and incorrectly, the percentage achieved in the test and the time taken on each test. Each test displays the actual percentage scored and also shows the time that the test took. This has been invaluable for top performing children who have achieved diamond status as they can improve on the time the tests are taking them. Every question can be reviewed and all questions have an answer.


After your child has practiced all the subtopics, they can take an end of year test with 40 questions. The end of year test has randomly selected questions from each topic. There is no limit to how many tests they can take.

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