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May 14,2019
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Keeping driving logs has never been so easy!

This is a free data collection client app for the commercial LogMyDrive service, provided on the internet. It is for the purpose of maintaining a personal driving log-book.

When this app is running it is recording your trip by sending GPS positions to web site LogMyDrive.com every few seconds. Later you can use any web browser to see your recorded journey at LogMyDrive.com.

You are free to install and use this application. To see the recorded result you need to have a subscription to the LogMyDrive service. For the service charges have a look at LogMyDrive.com.

The application is sending data via the mobile network. This may cause data charges to appear at your phone bill. A flat rate data plan is recommended. The bandwidth required may be up to 60 MB per driven 1000 kilometers (90 MB / 1000 miles).

The application keeps GPS constantly on. It consumes much power. Please use cradle and keep charging cable connected to avoid draining the phone battery.

NEW! Updated for Windows 10 Mobile!

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