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May 20,2019
69.64 MB
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League of Stickmen is a fast-paced, adventure game that pits your team of warriors against the evil Shadow Minions. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, the game includes two modes and dozens of levels to slay the shadows.
THEY CAME FROM THE SHADOWS - in just a few short and terrible days, the Shadow Minions overwhelmed humanity’s greatest cities and plunged the world into darkness. But as mankind’s last rays of hopes were swallowed by the swelling tide of Shadow Minions, a secret alliance of shadow stickmen were roused from their slumber. Ancient warriors, sworn to do battle against the Shadow Minions were raised from the same darkness, weapons and magic in hand. The League of Stickmen bands together once more to banish the Minions to the shadows. The time has come to defend humanity, and to restore order to the world.