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Supported Devices
Jan 11,2019
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x86, x64, ARM, ARM64
JustCloud gives you access to the Cloud wherever you are.

JustCloud is one of the leading cloud storage and file synchronization providers on the internet. With cutting edge software and innovative development, JustCloud is constantly adding to it’s already rich product feature set.

Access all of your files from anywhere using the JustCloud Windows Store application. Access your music, watch your videos, open your documents and view your photos all from one easy to use application. But the fun doesn’t stop there, Just Cloud also gives you all of these great features:

* Take photos and upload them directly to your SyncFolder
* Create a voice memo
* Draw a doodle
* Share your files and photos using Windows 8
* Take notes and email them to friends or colleagues
* Browse and open all of your backed up files
* Browse and open any of your synced files
* Easily save new files to your SyncFolder
* Plus lots more

If you don’t already have a JustCloud account, you can easily create one from inside the application and get some free storage space to get you started. To get even more access to your files make sure you install the desktop application on your Mac or Windows PC. For more information please visit www.justcloud.com
Supported Languages
English (United States)

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