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May 21,2019
8.02 MB
Release Date
Easily download Tumblr hosted videos or images from blogs you are following or have liked.
Now it’s Free!! – There are in-App donations any of which will unlock all features of the app permanently! And will disable advertisements for set progressively longer periods of time, 30, 90, 180, 360 days. If you donate the highest amount you won’t see any advertisements for a whole Year! And best of all you can donate multiple times!
A new folder is created under your pictures library, based on the blog's name all media is then downloaded into that folder. Liked videos and images are downloaded to a folder named ImageArchiverforTumblr-Likes.
New download option of Direct downloads – for those who have experienced issues with the default Windows Background downloader. Settings -> Options -> Background System Downloader/Direct Downloader.
When downloading videos only those actually hosted on Tumblr are downloaded, those stored at external sites, i.e. YouTube etc.. are not downloaded at this time. This is why it may show 10-50 video posts being processed but only the 5-10 of them hosted on tumblr are actually queued.

Full Version – (Obtained by Donating)
• Ability to download liked Tumblr videos and images
• Not Limited to the last 1000 downloads per blog
• Higher image resolutions are available
• Hide the image gallery
• Downloads are faster as they run in parallel.

I’m very responsive to end user requests for features, and to help resolve any issues. Please contact me via [email protected]
*You accept responsibility for any network usage costs or any other costs incurred by using this software.
*This software may be used to download materials. It is licensed to you only for download non-copyrighted materials, materials in which you own the copyright, or materials you are authorized or legally permitted to download or upload. If you are uncertain about your right to download or upload any material, contact your legal adviser.

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