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May 14,2019
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Hollywood Movies: Hollywood of United States is the top most leading film industry in the world which produces only best quality movies irrespective of budget and time duration. None of the movies from other film industries like Bollywood, Kollywood and Tollywood have proved excellence equal to any Hollywood movie. This is generally because of the huge budget invested in Hollywood movies, heavy technical support and usage of latest technology equipments to bring out the best quality movies in the world. Hollywood movies also have high power and attraction to impress the audience of any country. Thus, it always has separate position and productive market in world movie business. Benefits of Watching Hollywood movies: As the topic suggests, there are many benefits while watching a Hollywood movie. They can be listed below as: 1. Watching Hollywood movie may not only entertain anyone but also make a person fluent in Colloquial English which is necessary since English has become the most important official language in the world. 2. Since these movies come from the richest economy of United States, every movie is produced with 100% quality irrespective of budget. Thus, a person who is watching any kind of Hollywood movie can infer wide range of information right from the different kinds of sound technology, brilliant movie making technologies, rich culture and heritage and so on. History of Hollywood movies: Unlike other film industries of the world, Hollywood Movies made its beginning in the late 18th century when it started to make “moving pictures” as experimental projects. Later, in the early 19th century, the first ever made Hollywood movie was released which was followed by setting up of an official Studio named Nestor Studio. The first fully featured Hollywood movie was “The Story of Kelly Gang” which was released in 1906. Later in 1920’s, several film companies such as Warner Brothers Pictures, Paramount pictures, Columbia pictures, Universal pictures, 20th Century fox, RKO, Metro Goldwin Meyer were established who had their own production sets along with studios. Until 1927, the Hollywood movies were produced without sound and thus it was called as “Silent Era”. Later, the post classical Hollywood period which is after 1960’s saw most talented artists, directors and producers in Hollywood film industry. This was also marked as a start of the new age in which movies were shot in color than “Black and white” and introduced many latest techniques and technologies in the movies. Technologies used in Hollywood movies: In Recent years, we might have come across mind-blowing Hollywood movies such as Avatar, Star wars, Titanic, and Gravity and so on. These movies are produced with latest technologies such as 3 Dimensional visuals, motion capture technology, Dolby Atmos sound technology and other latest Cinematography techniques. Indeed the movies of 1960’s to 1980’s, the recent movies have proved that they are innovative as well as inventive. World’s best Computer graphics effects, VFX effects are first introduced in the movie market through Hollywood movies. Movie Categories: Hollywood Movies, Hollywood Cinema, Hollywood Thriller, Hollywood Romance, Hollywood New Movies, Hollywood Movie Trailer, Hollywood movie clips, Hollywood Movie release, Hollywood movie Industry, Hollywood cinema Industry, Hollywood Actors, Hollywood Actress, Hollywood Action movies, Hollywood Suspense Thriller. Thus, whether we are ready to accept it or not, Hollywood movies are special and have unique place in the world movies than any other film industries of world.