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May 14,2019
3.93 MB
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The simplest and most effective way to organise your life.

Here & Now uses the power of your Windows Phone including Location, Live Tiles, Lock Screen, Notifications, Maps and Reminders to keep you on track and help you achieve more.

Here & Now makes planning easy by merging information from other calendars on your phone into a single view. Birthdays and events from Facebook show on Here & Now's scheduling calendar. Meetings and appointments from your phone's calendars appear in your Here & Now lists.

We've integrated Here & Now with OneNote to allow you to link your To Do's to existing OneNote pages or create new ones. OneNote is great for storing notes, pictures, plans, itineraries, specifications, client info and just about anything else. Why not use Here & Now to create location specific actions for your OneNote pages.

We've optimised Here & Now to make adding, deleting, copying and rescheduling your To Do's really easy.

Here & Now is continuously being improved, why not get involved and send us some feedback.

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