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May 20,2019
3.18 MB
Release Date
Head Games! is a fun game to play with your friends and family anytime, anywhere.

How To Play: After selecting a deck one person places the phone on their head while the rest of the players give clues on what might be on the screen. The clues can be anything that comes to mind without actually saying any part of the word/phrase displayed.

For competitive players the game can be played to see who can guess the most words in the given time.

You can also record a video of the game play to show off all the goofy things that make the game so much fun.

2 Options to accept/skip a card.

Using accelerometer mode:
Tilt the phone up to skip a word or down for correct answer.

Touch mode:
Tap the right half of the screen to accept, left half to skip a card.

Do delete a video, double tap on the delete icon in the videos tab.

Please remember to return the phone to the upright state to be able to skip/accept the phrase.

Customizable round time from 1 to 5 minutes.

Have Fun!!!

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