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Windows 10,Windows Mobile
Apr 18,2018
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The Clipboard feature is now available in this update - The description went out incorrectly previously which is why the function appeared to be missing. We have more planned for remote clipboard and this is just an early version of it for you to try out.

After getting this version open it on your devices to make sure the endpoints are registered, it may take a few minutes for the new feature to start working - I'm working with the Microsoft API to further improve speed and reliability where possible.

New feature in 1.6.1: Remote Clipboard feature added correctly

New feature in 1.4.2: Remote Dialler added to Hand Off

Hand Off provides a set of tools to help you work seamlessly across your Windows 10 devices. Use the core "Hand Off" feature to continue a task on another device, the Remote Dialler feature lets you trigger a new call on a second device, and Remote Clipboard lets you quickly send content between your devices.

Hand Off continues to get new features which will be free to existing owners of the Windows 10 app. We are dedicated to making this the best tool to help you work seamlessly across all your devices.

Hand Off Core:
Continue your task on another Windows 10 device by "handing off" from your Phone or PC to another PC, Phone, or even your Xbox One! Found a web page on your phone and want to continue reading it on your PC or Xbox? Just use the share option and select this app to load up the page on another of your Windows 10 devices within seconds.

This app acts as a share target and allows you to continue a number of tasks on another of your Windows 10 devices.

Here are just some of the things you can do with the original Hand Off feature:

- Share the URL of your current page in Edge to continue browsing on another device
- From Groove on your phone, hand off to your PC by sharing an Album or Artist to view it on your PC or vice versa
- Share an article from the Windows Central app - If you have "Apps for Websites" enabled it will load the article in the WC app on your other device
- Share an app from the store to quickly get to the store listing on another device
- Share a location you found in the Windows Maps to view it in the maps app on another device

There are many other ways to use the sharing feature with this app, experiment by using the share option in other apps you have on your devices.

Remote Dialler:
Trigger a call on your Windows Phone from your PC - New improvements are coming to this feature in the next update to make this feature integrate even more seamlessly with Windows 10

Remote Clipboard:
Quickly send text content between your devices and easily access this from the clipboard on your remote device. Perfect for quickly sharing text from one device to another.

Please note: You must be signed into your Windows devices with the same Microsoft Account to use the app as intended
Found a site on your phone and want to start browsing on you PC or Xbox instead? Just use the "Share" function built into Edge and share to this app
Hand Off specific tasks to another Windows 10 Device in your account
As long as you are signed in with the same Microsoft Account on all of your devices, there is no setup involved
Continue browsing the same page on another device
Bring up an artist or track from Groove on another device
Find a destination on your phone, then hand off to the maps app on PC to make it easier to read reviews
Find a website on your phone or PC, then hand off to your Xbox to move the experience to the big screen
Trigger a call on your phone from another Windows 10 device using the Remote Dialler feature added in 1.4.1
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