GoPro Quick

GoPro Quick

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May 18,2019
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GoPro Quick allows you to power on your GoPro Hero, set the camera mode, and start recording all at the same time with only one click.

+++ Features +++
- Compatible with Hero 2 Wifi, Hero 3 Black/Silver/White Edition, Hero 3+, and Hero 4* (**NEW**).
- 4 big buttons with customizable functionality (e.g. ideal for motor cycling, sports, etc. where you want to start recording with one click).
- Button functionality: power on/off, start/stop recording, change camera mode (video, photo, burst, time-lapse).
- Background colors: "Black": camera is turned off, "Green": camera is turned on, "Red": camera is recording.
- Demo video:

* Notes for GoPro Hero 4:
- The GoPro Hero 4 has to be paired with each Windows Phone device first. Pairing is only available for Windows Phone 8.1 with this app:

+++ Connection Instructions +++
- Set the GoPro Hero camera to "App Wifi mode" (on your camera).
- Connect the GoPro to your Windows Phone device using the GoPro Hero Wifi password (default: "goprohero").
- In case of problems completely remove all power (USB and battery) from your GoPro camera if the camera hangs.