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May 21,2019
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Optimism - the quality needed to win, to achieve success.
Positive attitude inspires confidence and makes us happier.
Optimism helps solve problems, cope with stress and sudden changes in the situation.
It helps us to learn from our mistakes and do not get upset because of them.

An optimist sees the situation from a broader perspective and can not be fixed obstacles and limitations.
Optimism reduces prejudices and preconceptions.
Optimist leans more on its strength, on themselves and less blames circumstances.
An optimistic view of things stimulates to overcome obstacles.
A positive attitude towards life reduces fear.

Scientific studies show that optimism helps promote health:
promotes healthy lifestyles and timely treatment to the doctor;
supports the continued commitment of immunity;
to the optimists are easier to establish and maintain friendships

Full glass - a unique optimism trainer.
Performing simple exercises every day for 10 minutes promotes optimism.
After 3 weeks, noticeable positive changes.
You will become more confident. You'll feel safer. You'll be happier.

The method is quite simple: among a number of incidentally mixed faces it is necessary to look for smiles and to click them.
The brain learns to look for positive and begins to find it in other situations.

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