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May 20,2019
16.97 MB
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Download this newest edition of Football penalty shooting game and join with other millions of fans. Shoot the outstanding goals and lead your country to the victory. Test your manual skills in different challenging modes. Shoot penalty and free kicks in beautiful 3D environments of soccer stadiums. Play the most exciting moments in soccer match - penalty and free kicks. Score outstanding goals with unique shooting mechanics which allow players to feel like on the real field. Experience football emotions like never before.

Feel like a famous soccer player from the best known football teams. Prove your skills and determination in most ecstatic match moments - penalty and free kicks. Show your opponents who is the best player on the world. Lead your country through tournament and become champion of the world. Train your skills in training mode, become the best striker and win the whole champions. You could experience real emotions similar to winning champions league or striking final goals in fifa world cup finals.

Some moment of the football matches are unforgettable - shooting a goals. We are giving you the opportunity to experience extract of the soccer game. Probably in the past you have watched moments where Messi or Ronaldo stands on the stadium preparing to take penalty or free kick. Whole audience on the stadium holds its breath and waits what will happen. Now you have opportunity to impersonate this role and take premier shoots on most important fifa sports events and achieve championship. You can also let your imagination go wild and try to play matches which didn’t happen yet, just choose your favorite soccer team and feel like you are on the world cup.

Champions league emotions are at your fingertips - don’t hesitate and download this game, all fifa tournaments unique moments could be your experience; just kick the ball and strike astonishing goals.