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Supported Devices
May 14,2019
48.59 MB
Release Date
FlatFrog Whiteboard - Intuitive as an analog Whiteboard, yet digitally smart.

The free trial gives full access to the app for 30 days.

This Whiteboard is intended primarily for large interactive display surfaces like SurfaceHub, but can also be used with smaller devices.

FlatFrog Whiteboard offers full whiteboard multi-touch and differentiated pen functionality
• Works just as your normal whiteboard - touch, write and erase
• If you run out of space – just add another board
• Save your session and continue to work later
• Share as email, export to images or print
• Enables multiple users to engage, all at the same time
• Import images - move, pinch-zoom and draw on them
• Create sticky notes for your ideation session or lists (on pen supported devices)

The FlatFrog Whiteboard combined with FlatFrog InGlass™ interactive display hardware enables a unique combination of high-performing pen, touch and object differentiation capabilities. For more information please visit www.flatfrog.com.

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