Supported Devices
Windows 10
Jan 09,2017
20.61 MB
x86, x64
FiFo is an utility app that brings convenience and productivity to the computer users when working with files and folders.

Currently, version 1.x support the following functionalities:

- Manage a collection of folders. The tool lets the user to save, edit, and manage a list of ‘trackers’ that the user can launch them all at once or individually. This saves the users from having to spend time locating folders to work with.

- Export detailed lists of the files within a folder, with the option of recursively or non-recursively searching.

- Scan for duplicated files within a folder, either recursively or non-recursively, and export a detailed list of them.

- This app is 100% save. It doesn’t modify your folders and files’ content. Instead, it only work with ‘trackers’ that monitor the folders that the user specifies.
Simple, easy to use
Saving time for everyday computer users
Free the users from having to remember and manual work
Scan for duplicates by the file content checking (more accurate than by file attributes such as names, date created, size, etc.)
Designed to be useful with heavily content collectors (such as photos). Not optimized for very tiny small or very big files yet (next version)
Exports of detailed lists of folder’s content
Totally safe. This app doesn’t modify any of user’s folders/files content.
Supported Languages
English (United States)

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