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May 20,2019
48.84 MB
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Simply the best application for following the news of your favorite sites, as well on mobile, tablet, and computer.

Find all the articles from your favorite sites on this smartly designed application. FeedLab will become your essential companion to have all your RSS feeds directly onto your Windows 10 machines in the blink of an eye.

With FeedLab, simplify your readings by having simple and effective monitoring of articles that have already been read and those that have not yet been consulted. Similarly, if there is an article you are interested in, but you lack time to read it, you will enjoy the feature "Save for later". Not to mention the offline mode to view your articles without being connected to the Internet (useful for when you're on the subway, for example).

Customize the application according to your usage and habits:
★ Set your homepage: your most important articles, all your unread articles, or a specific category
★ Define the layout of your articles list: only the title, or with its illustration
★ Adapt the size and alignment of text for your reading comfort
★ Customize the colors of your categories and theme of the application according to your wishes: light, gray, or dark
★ Enable transparency of the live tile, depending on your preference, from the settings
★ Pin your favorite categories on the home screen of your Windows 10
★ Come discover many other possibilities within the Feedlab settings

Enjoy as well the features specifically designed for Windows 10:
★ Discover a compact colored menu of your categories
★ Enjoy the integration of Cortana: « FeedLab, show me the latest articles » ; « FeedLab, open the category "News" » ; « FeedLab, look for a sports website »
★ Find your settings automatically synchronized between all your Windows 10 devices, thanks to roaming data
★ Enjoy the Continuum mode of Windows 10 Mobile

So, are you ready to discover the best universal app to track all your news?

Note: FeedLab is based on the use of the Feedly service. Therefore, in order to enjoy all the features of FeedLab, you will need a Feedly account (creating a new Feedly account requires less than 30 seconds).

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