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May 22,2019
10.09 MB
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Take the fight to the Project at Eden’s Gate with the Far Cry 5 Care Package DLC. This care package includes vehicles, outfits and weapons with unique skins, letting you explore Hope County in style.

Includes Doomsday Prepper Pack, featuring:
o Doomsday Prepper Van
o Doomsday Prepper Handgun
o Doomsday Prepper Outfit

Includes American Muscle Pack, featuring:
o American Muscle Car
o American Muscle MP5k Submachine Gun
o American Muscle Outfit

Includes Outlaw Pack, featuring:
o Outlaw Pick-up Truck
o Outlaw Shotgun
o Outlaw Outfit

Includes Explosive Pack, featuring:
o 4x C4 Explosives
o 4x Dynamite Sticks
o 4x Proximity Mines
o 4x Grenades

• Includes Chaos Pack, featuring:
o 4x Molotov Cocktails
o 4x Animal Baits
o 4x The Fast temporary buff
o 4x The Furious temporary buff