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May 22,2019
29.54 MB
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Facebot is capable of identifying your face in pictures and creating anonymous polls, allowing you to find out what makes you more attractive, intelligent, young, professional or many other things.

In little time, you'll be able to check your poll results and choose the perfect picture for your desired profile. In addition, FaceBot can provide you with an age estimate for every photo.

Once your favorite pictures have been uploaded. you can launch different types of polls. The completely anonymous question posed to other users is always: "In which photo do I look the most...?" All you have to do is choose the adjective that interests you and the number of opinions you wish to obtain.

Launching polls requires experience points (XP) that you can easily earn by giving your opinion in the polls of other users.

Are you looking for the perfect profile picture for your social networks? Do you want to be more attractive on Facebook or more professional on Linkedin? Do you want to know how old you look in your profile pictures?

Get the very best out of your photos and choose the best for every profile and social network!