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Supported Devices
Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile
Sep 30,2017
33.37 MB - 140.44 MB
x64, x86, ARM
edgeTile is now participating to the Desktop Bridge Program.
For this reason desktop apps launch no longer requires the proxy app to be installed.

- If you don't want to see edgeTile splashscreen when launching a tile on Desktop you just need to drag edgeTile window to the border of the screen. By doing so this setting will be saved for next tile launch until you move the window again.

Does your favorite app or website have not a live Tile or it does but it doesn’t suit your Start Screen style?

edgeTile can help you build and pin amazing custom tiles which link you directly to your news, shop, productivity, entertainment or whichever kind of app and website you use most often in your own fashionable way.

edgeTile includes the following features:
- Support for Desktop apps launch
- Support for websites and apps launch through URIs (URLs and Microsoft URIs)
- Support for files and folders launch
- Support for Tile Backups
- Large, Wide, Medium and Small Tile personalization
- Tile Saving, Pinning and Unpinning
- Tile Utility Settings such as Backups import and export
- URIs cheat sheet

edgeTile is a UWP app. This means your tiles will be compatible among all your Windows 10 devices.
Custom Tiles Management
Supported Languages
English (United States)

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