Dragon TapMania Slayer screenshot 1 Dragon TapMania Slayer screenshot 2 Dragon TapMania Slayer screenshot 3 Dragon TapMania Slayer screenshot 4 Dragon TapMania Slayer screenshot 5 Dragon TapMania Slayer screenshot 6 Dragon TapMania Slayer screenshot 7 Dragon TapMania Slayer screenshot 8
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May 22,2019
28.62 MB
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Dragon TapMania Slayer is dream. Monsters? Yes! Tap fast in magical tap mania. Rise legend dragon slayer in dragon mania. Dragon TapMania Slayer xtreme battles full 3D experience.
Beautiful village is being attacked by dragons. Your job is to shoot down dragons by taping on dragons. DO NOT TAP ON BIRDS OR PEOPLE. Become dragon slayer by shootind down dragons. Show them your strengths in combat. Train yourself hard in monster TapMania of magical world. Difficulty of game in magical world increases with time. Flying devils are attacking. They are brutal. The monsters are setting the beautiful village on fire. Do not let them succeed. Three are multiple challenging levels in game. Jump into the battles. There is panic in the village of beautiful jungle. Destroy them all and enjoy the TapMania.
Incredible experience of flying carnivores. Jungle spot is precisely chosen for the slayer. Camera effects are great. Play an offensive game win battles in the village. Game world is beautiful and magical. Enjoy the magical world levels. We hope you love it and become fabulous game champion.
Game is enriched with coolest HD graphics. Optimized for Windows Desktops, Laptops and Windows Tablets with low memory consumption you can enjoy full experience with the best frames plus action music in the extremely beautiful world. We appreciate your kind feedback and rating for bring up more quality games.

Tap screen with thumb to smash strike