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May 21,2019
18.87 MB
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Are you an advanced user? Do you want a Task Manager, a Device Manager and more on your device? ONLY THIS APP will let you do these amazing things? More than a Task Manager, this is Device Diagnostics HUB!

This app combine the Windows Developer tools with the UWP functions to get new infos and features!

Which secrets and features you'll unlock with this app?
- Know the current usage of CPU, GPU, RAM, Mass memory and Network traffic.
- Turn off or Restart your device with only a button.
- Optimize the RAM usage with only a button (And yes, this is really working).
- Get a list of current running system processes.
- Get a list of every installed app. You'll be able to close them, run them or add them to the Start menu with a customized LiveTile.
- Get a list of every WiFi network near your device, with more details.
- Get a tree view of every installed device.
- Supports Windows 10 Desktop (from Redstone), Mobile, Xbox One (Developer Mode) and more! (IOT and Hololens need to be tested).
- You can configure this app to monitor the current device or a remote device. For example, you can check the performance of your Windows Mobile from your PC and vice-versa.

Language, theme and LiveTile are customizable and, if you'll get any problem, I will be available to help you via mail or social networks!

NOTE | You'll need to follow a configuration process that may result difficult if you're not pratical with Windows or with technology. You've been warned!