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May 17,2019
2.67 MB
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CheckItOff is a tool for managing items that you might put on a list – a shopping list, a todo list, a packing list, or anything like that. We don’t force you to use one particular kind of item, you just add items and fill in whatever fields you feel like filling in. The All Items view is what you see when you run the application, and it shows the Short Description of all the items you’ve added. Edit an item to see and edit other properties of it, like Category, Long Description, Due Date, or Priority. Use these in whatever way makes sense for you. You can combine things to buy, do, take, with people to invite, call, or buy presents for. You can create your own views that filter to just one category, to just completed or not-completed items, by tags, and so on. You can also import and export plain text files.

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