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May 22,2019
29.59 MB
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Drift Racing Fever 2015, is best free drifting game that gives you a unique pleasure in handling sports car by simple & instinctive way. Drift Racing also gives you a matchless experience in the handling of most modern cars by the simple and the challenging way.

You just get ready to drive high performance turbo cars to make top quality drifts at high speed on tracks designed for drift racing, with a wide range of racing cars all ready for drift race and a number of race tracks to compete on this stylish and exciting drift race game. Everybody will surely love to play for hours and hours but you have to be much trained racing car driver to make real drift car racing and blow off the engine valve with full spirit and courage.
✪ If you are really enthusiastic about drift racing game than this game is for you.
✪ Burn your tyre on each drifting track.
✪ Earn best drifting trophy by showing your top driving skills.
Drift Racing Fever 2015 is most wanted Drift game of 2015 with realistic driving experience and challenging driving missions that require both real racing skills and courage.
Play this free racing game and be ready to discharge dark smoke while drifting on multiple roadways to skid and leave the mark on highway with your full spirits and passion.
Drift safely on track to avoid your sports car crash but don’t attempt street racing, your car engine & transmission are full of power & energy so you will not be able to control it in street racing, Be a real drifter and not a drag racer or street racer. Game has special feature of slow motion drift button for slow car drifting view.
Download now Drift Racing Fever 3D and get 500 free coins. Hope you will enjoy playing the game, please let us know your feedback in comments.
How to Play:-
For Window PC/Tablet:
Use Arrow Keys To Control Drift Car.
Use Space Key To Apply Brake.
Use key “R” To Reset.

Warning: We strongly request you to play this game on your smart phone or tablets but do not try such drifting racing missions in your car on any road or street.