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May 18,2019
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Would you like to be really organized with the information of your business meetings?. Then this app is what you need!. Have you ever arrived to a meeting with no paper to write your notes and you have only your cell phone?

Business Meetings is the perfect complement to your calendar of appointments, because you can select them to import that information and any participant you registered previously. The information about your meeting not only includes the subject and location, but also you will include a project name, an auto numbered code by project, objective and scope.

You will be able to take notes during the meeting, but also register new participants which can be selected from your contacts list or just edited as new ones. Your meeting information will include photos, questions and answers and any commitments and dates defined with the responsibles or assigned persons.

At the end of your meeting you can press the Stop button to conveniently stop the watch and record the end of your meeting. Then you can send all this information and attachments by email to any participant, including yourself. And finally you can mark this meeting as history, just to not include it in your main list, beacuse you can conveniently search it in the find page by subject, participants, dates and project name.

Don't forget to register your information, name and email on settings, this information is used to include yourself as the first participant on your meetings and to include your email as the first destination to send your emails.

From now on, your cell phone is your Business Meetings assistant to maintain all this information conveniently organized.

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