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May 22,2019
40.21 MB
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Brainf*ck# is the world's most advanced console/IDE and debugger for the Brainf*ck programming language, exclusively on Windows 10.

With a fully featured IDE that supports breakpoints, syntax highlight, autocompletion and more, an interactive console and lots of other features, this app offers the most complete programming experience in Brainf*ck on any platform.
If your are a developer who knows how to write in C and you want to try something different, if you're just curious about this language, or if you've heard about it and you want to use it to create something crazy, this app offers everything you need to get you started.

// The Brainf*ck language
This language is easy to understand but difficult to use. Every program starts with an array of caracters (16 bit values in this app) that has every cell set to 0, and a pointer on the first cell. You can move the pointer back and forth with the < and > operators and increment and decrement the value of the cell that is actually pointed with + and -. The operator . prints the Unicode char corresponding to the value of the cell that is pointed, and the , operator assigns to the actual cell the value of the first character in the Stdin buffer. You can also create loops with [ and ]. The loop starts if the value of the current cell is greater than 0, and ends if the cell that is pointed at the end of it is 0. If the source code contains characters that are not the Brainf*ck operators, they are ignored by the interpreter, so you can write your comments inside the code without any problems.

// You can send me an email from the info window if you have a feature suggestion or if you found a bug

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